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Welcome to my Krapht world!

Come on in and let your kreative side flow.

26 November
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So ya wanna know somethin 'bout me. Hi my name is Desi and I'm a shoe addict. This journal is not really about that, but I thought I'd just get it out in the open, so that when my blog goes glazy-eyed and talks about shoes...you know why.
By day, I am in IT support, I love audio/video stuff and any type of electronic gadget. I suffer greatly from "gadgetitis". Put anything with and little LCD screen on it in front of me and I become so facinated, you could steal my underwear right off me and I wouldn't notice (too much info, huh). Blame my folks for that, my Mom gets dizzy over kitchen gadgets and my Dad gets giddy over any type of electronic gadget, so I come by it honestly.

Also, I love Margaritas and make them so danged good, my friends now refer to them as Desi-ritas. Boy I sure could use one right now.

But I'm an artist and crafter at heart (The day job just helps pay for the supplies....and oh yeah the shoes!) The room where I get my creative flow on in is fondly known as the "Krapht" room. Once I enter krapht mode, you won't hear from me for hours. Oh did I mention I love shoes...

This journal is really to remind myself to take a technology break and do something creative at least twice a week. Hmmm...I wonder if doing this journal is gonna hinder me trying to take technology breaks...BTW, don't forget that I really like shoes.